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Systems analysis and diffusion process

Systems analysis has been extensively used to solve various complex operational, management and strategic defense issues. It has been also applied toward decision analysis which requires a quantitative basis for the evaluation of decision options. On the other hand, diffusion is a natural process which can be characterized by a mixture of particles in a particular environment or medium. Initially, these particles spread out randomly, however, when some time passes, all particles are distributed uniformly yet randomly. The diffusion will continue and the particles and the particles will continue redistributing. The concept of “particles” can be used toward other phenomena ranging from red blood cell redistribution following trauma and hemorrhage to dissemination of information following news announcement.


In our view, diffusion should be considered as a fundamental natural process which should help to understand many important issues including those that are related to complex analysis related to advance technologies, management science and operation research. In order to apply the process of diffusion to operations research and management science, we propose to use systems analysis along with diffusion equations (a second order partial differential equations which are traditionally used to describe the process of diffusion). Our innovative idea is to combine systems analysis and diffusion equations in one application (predictive model). This is a fundamentally different approach to describe such processes and to conduct science in general. This highly innovative approach has obvious significance for any technologies and methods that require complex analysis such as management, administration, policy making and operation science etc.



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Did you also know that the oldest man on Earth (who is  now 123) lives in the mountains at an altitude of more than 12,000 feet?


But did you also know that previous large population-based studies found that residents of areas situated at 1500 m or above have longer life expectancy as compared to those who reside at sea level.


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CMDAT stands for Complex Mechanisms of Disease, Aging and Trauma.


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We are a group of local and out of state medical doctors, scientists and volunteers.


You've heard it before: "think globally, act locally" ... Well, when it comes to us, we think globally but we act locally and globally.


We are small but efficient and our projects have both local and national impact.


Our local health seminars have helped hundreds of low income families, women, refugees and minorities.


Our research projects relate to such important issues as aging, Alzheimer’s disease, cognitive functions, head trauma, blindness, high altitude disease etc. which affect millions of people locally and worldwide.

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