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We are offering free community-based seminars to locals. To reach as many low income families, women, refugees and minorities as possible, we are partnering with many local organizations and communities such as Celebration Community Church, Virginia Village Library, African Community Center, Colorado Heights University, Rocky Mountain Communities, YMCA, Inner City Clinic etc.


Did you know?


Of 33,717 deaths among Colorado residents in 2013, the leading causes of death (number of deaths) were:


1. Cancer (7,364)

2. Heart Disease (6,454)

3. Unintentional Injuries (2,423)

4. Chronic Lower Respiratory Diseases (2,294)

5. Stroke (1,576)

6. Alzheimer’s disease (1,318)

7. Suicide (1,004)

8. Diabetes (786)

9. Chronic liver disease and cirrhosis (713)

10. Influenza and pneumonia (608)


Heart diseases and stroke


Combined, heart disease and stroke was the leading cause of death in Colorado in 2013, accounting for 24% of all deaths.

Approximately 1 person dies from cardiovascular disease every hour in Colorado.

Among adult Coloradans in 2013, only 6% were aware of having cardiovascular disease and

Only 26% were aware of having high blood pressure.

35% of those who had their blood cholesterol checked were aware of having high cholesterol.

 The prevalence of high blood pressure significantly increased from 21% to 26% during 2003-2013.

The prevalence of cardiovascular disease and high cholesterol has not changed significantly during 2003-2013.

 In 2013, 18% were physically inactive during the past 30 days, 36% ate fruit less than daily, 19% ate vegetables less than daily and 18.5% were binge drinkers.


In 2013, death rates were:


123 per 100,000 population for heart disease;

30 per 100,000 population for stroke; and

5 per 100,000 population for high blood pressure.


During 2003-2013, death rates from heart disease and stroke decreased and death rates from high blood pressure remained unchanged over the same period


Traumatic Brain injury


Colorado ranks 9th in the nation of fatalities due to a TBI and 13th in the nation of hospitalizations due to a TBI

Almost 5,000 individuals are hospitalized and nearly 1,000 die due to a TBI in Colorado each year

23,500 emergency room visits each year are due to a TBI

Males are twice as likely to sustain a TBI in Colorado as females

The age groups with the highest risk of sustaining a TBI in Colorado are 15-24 and 65+

Each year, 2,200 individuals continue to experience disability one year after hospitalization for a TBI

Over 500,000 adults have sustained a TBI and are living with a disability


Alzheimer’s disease


The prevalence of Alzheimer’s disease is increasing both nationally and in Colorado.

In 2000, approximately 49,000 Coloradans had Alzheimer’s disease; by 2025 this number will more than double (a 124% increase) to 110,000 individuals.

Over 1,100 Coloradans died from Alzheimer’s disease which accounted for almost three percent of all deaths in 2007.

Alzheimer’s disease was the sixth-leading cause of death in Colorado in 2007.

Further, according to the Alzheimer’s Disease Association, it is estimated that 70 percent of nursing home residents have some degree of

cognitive impairment.




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